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Monday Night I took a trip to UCONN to photograph the reaction to the NCAA basketball championship game between UCONN and Kentucky University.

To my excitement, UCONN won and a riot was formed outside Gampel Hall. I learned a lot that night about how to handle myself in a riot and how to photograph an event of such high intensity.

Unfortunately, my greatest lesson was learned that night on immediately backing up important data. I shot with 2 bodies, but favored one over the other. Of course, the card in the body I favored was corrupted the very next day when I went to import. After many tears and desperate attempts of data recovery all across campus, it became apparent that my images were gone. Driving 12 hours, not sleeping, and getting beaten up to get images that are corrupted less than 12 hours has been one of the most painful experiences to happen to me as a photographer. I learned a lesson the very, very hard way. While the images I was excited about are gone, I was able to salvage 4 ones from the card that was not corrupted.

Learn your lesson from me!!! back up your data!!!

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